How to Store Blankets in Comfy & Decorative Ways

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how to store blankets

Blankets keep you cozy and add to your decor. While their bulk can be a benefit, when you are not using them, it can be tough to know where to put them, leading to clutter. Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to store your blankets during warm weather or when they are not in use. Here is everything you need to know about how to store blankets.

Considerations When Storing Blankets

The right ways to store blankets in your home will vary depending on your living situation. There are many aspects of your home to consider, including how long you need to store blankets, the materials of the blankets and storage containers, how much space you have, the aesthetic you want, the room the blankets belong to, and if you have any particular safety concerns.

Long-Term Versus Short-Term Storage

The first factor is how long you want to store the blankets. If the weather is getting warmer, you may want a way to keep your blankets for several months.

In that case, you do not need to access your blankets daily and can store them somewhere out of the way, such as in a bin in a closet. If you want to be able to access your blankets regularly, you need a way to store them easily.

Blanket Materials

Blankets can contain many materials, including woven and knit wool, cotton, polyester, and bamboo fibers. Often, the blanket's composition will only significantly impact how you store it if you wish to store it for a long time.

Wool blankets should be in an air-tight container with some cedar wood. Consider how blankets may snag or crease depending on how you store them. You'll need to know how to get rid of static on blankets, too, when you're ready to use them again.

Storage Container Material

where to store blankets in your living room? you can use storage container materials

Along with the blanket materials, it is a good idea to consider the vessel material in which you keep your blankets. Plastic works for both long and short-term storage in many cases. Wood is a sturdy way to store blankets for a long time, and if you use cedar, you can try to keep insects away.

Pests can easily chew through cardboard and make your blankets their nest. Pick a material that will protect your blankets, won’t lock in too much moisture, and won’t contribute to snags.

Storage Conditions

Consider how moisture, sunlight, heat, and dust affect your blankets. So the question isn't just how to do it but how to store blankets safely. Many of those variables can degrade your blanket and reduce its longevity.

So, be thoughtful when storing your blankets in a basement, attic, or the sun. While moisture weakens fibers, sunlight can fade colors. You can use specific storage containers to protect against issues.


Aesthetics are more of a concern when it comes to short-term blanket storage. In addition to being cozy, blankets can add to the beauty of space if you want them to. Decide if you want to store blankets in a way that supports your home aesthetics or a storage method that does not interfere with the existing design.

Room Usage

Which types of rooms in the house you have a blanket in will likely determine your use of them and how you store them. For example, living room blankets will likely have a more dynamic function than those in your bedroom. So, storage would vary. You may want to keep bedroom blankets in a trunk in your bedroom but more on display in your living room.

Space Availability

where to store blankets? space availability is an important matter to answer this question. you can find various ways to store them!

No matter the size of your space, there are plenty of ways to store your blankets. If you have a small space, it is good to find multipurpose ways of storing. For example, try keeping your blankets inside an ottoman to save space. A larger home may facilitate having a linen closet where you can keep blankets.


Blankets are not usually considered a great hazard. However, you may need to consider safety when storing your blankets if you have pets or children. For optimal safety, store blankets where a child or animal can not climb them or become inescapably tangled. If you keep blankets in a chest or ottoman, ensure that the container is secured against interference from a child.

Where to Store Blankets - 10 Places to Choose From

When a blanket is not in use, there are many ways to store your blankets, whether you need to store it for a few months or an hour. Different options work for each space and need.

In some cases, you may want a few storage options to suit your needs, especially concerning where to store blankets in your living room. Here's 10 options for how to store blankets:

On Shelves in a Closet

how to store blankets in a closet? you can store them on shelves in closet

If you have a linen closet or another similar space with standard types of shelves, this may be the perfect place to store your blankets. A closet works well for both long and short-term storage as long as the closet is in a convenient location.

When you keep your blankets in a closet, ensure the conditions are correct for the well-being of your blankets. Protect against moths and moisture as needed by using cedar wood. When it comes to how to store blankets in a closet, nothing beats neatly folding and stacking them on a shelf.

From here out, we're about to drop nine choices on you for how to store blankets without a closet, meaning you can quickly grab them to use them and get them stored away again neatly. It's all about comfort and convenience from here out.

In an Ottoman so Under a Coffee Table

An ottoman or coffee table are great ways to store blankets for a long or short time. This solution is dynamic since you can use an ottoman for a comfortable place to put your feet or as a table replacement. When buying an ottoman, ensure there is a hollow storage space inside the ottoman that will accommodate the number of blankets you wish to store.

Hung on a Hook

how to store blankets without a closet? you can hung them on a hook

Instead of folding a blanket and placing it in a container or closet, you can hang up your blankets. When doing so, do not stretch out your blankets with hooks or clips. Instead, gently fold and hang them over a hanger and place them in a closet. You can also hang the hanger on decorative types of wall hooks if you want to make the blanket an interactive part of your decor.

In a Storage Bench or Trunk

A storage bench is an ideal place to keep extra blankets in your bedroom while having a useful piece of furniture. Place the bench or trunk at the base of your bed as a place to sit and store your blankets.

These benches come in many shapes and sizes that may suit your decor needs. They can often store many blankets, and if you like, you can find an option made of cedar that will protect your belongings against insects.

On a Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is a decorative way to store your blankets while airing them out. This item is ideal for a small living area since it mostly uses vertical space. The blanket ladder leans against the wall and lets you hang as many blankets as you can fit.

If you have the room, this is how to store blankets in a very decorative fashion. It works especially well if you have a bunch of quilts you've made or collected that you want to have on display.

While blanket ladders can suit a variety of aesthetics, they often work well if you want a southwestern or bohemian style. The main drawback to storing blankets in this way is they may be more prone to sun exposure. So, place them carefully.

In a Window Seat

in a window seat

If you have a hollow window seat, you know that it can be a valuable storage location. This option works to store blankets for a long or short time. Fold the blankets up and place them on the window seat.

Depending on your window seat, you may want to place the blankets in a container within the window seat to keep everything organized. It is also a good idea to protect against insects.

In a Drawer

A drawer is an easy way to store blankets if you have space available. These types of drawers may be part of a dresser, built-in unit, kitchen, or free-standing storage unit, and they'll need to be fairly large.

When storing blankets in a drawer, be sure it is childproofed if you have children. You can also opt for cloth drawers in certain storage shelving units if you want your children to safely open and close the blanket-filled drawers.

Storage Bins

When you need to store blankets for a long period, plastic storage bins are a solid method. You can select from several bin sizes. Place the bins in many locations, including a closet, basement, attic, or storage space. For best results, keep the need for the blankets in mind, regarding sun and moisture.

In a Basket

how to store blankets? you can store them in a basket!

A great way to store blankets in a readily available way is in a large basket. The basket exists in your living room or bedroom and adds to the decor. The one concern related to a basket is if there are loose parts, they can stick out and cause a blanket to snag. As a solution, line your basket with a fabric that will protect your blankets from sharp barbs.

Display Them as Artwork

I'm sure we've all been in an apartment or dorm room where people have hung giant, decorative throw blankets on the walls and ceilings as a form of tapestry. You can do the same at home. Mounting large paperclips to nails in the drywall would allow you to take them down and put them back up with ease, as well.

That’s How to Store Blankets With Many Options

Correctly storing your blankets can help you stay cozy, keep your home tidy, and enhance the look of your space. There is no single correct way to store blankets, and the method you choose should depend on your space, aesthetic needs, and how you like to use your blankets. Use these tips to discover the best storage method for you and your home. And that, my friends, is how to store blankets.

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