5 Mattress Alternatives to Keep You Sleeping Comfortably

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Mattress alternatives can be such a huge convenience. Perhaps you're in temporary housing and don't want to deal with buying and moving a bulky mattress. Maybe you're still saving up for the right one and want a simple mattress alternative in the mean time.

Sometimes we're just changing everything up and want to try out some non-traditional beds. Well, we have just the list of five items, each the perfect mattress substitute to tide you over until you're in a position buy what you're aiming for.

Your bedroom is a haven of comfort where you want to retire after a long day. But it can be quite expensive to furnish a bedroom, and even more expensive to move the furniture around in case you are shifting from your current living situation.

But you can make your bedroom easier to maintain and lighter in terms of things you keep by looking for alternatives to mattresses. That's what we're here to help you with, today.

5 Mattress Alternatives

The following are the five best mattress alternatives to keep you sleeping comfortably. Some are so obvious you'll wonder why you didn't think of them. Others are creative and come from other cultures, so don't blame yourself if you didn't know about them. Let's do this...

Sleeping Bag

sleeping bags are the ultimate in portable and temporary mattress alternatives
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When you go on camping trips, it is all about carrying the least possible items in your rucksack. You don't want to be burdened with a heavy mattress and clothes when you are out at a camping site. But where is the rule that states you cannot apply the same minimalism in your everyday life?

Replacing your regular mattress with a comfortable sleeping bag will take away a lot of stress. It's easily the best among the cheap bed alternatives.

If you live in a rented apartment, having a sleeping bag instead of a heavy and elaborate mattress means your move will be much easier. You simply need to roll your sleeping bag up and you can move with more ease.

A sleeping bag is also comfortable, soft, warm, and can be used anywhere in the home. If you live in a studio apartment where space constraints are an issue, this is one of the best decisions you can make. Trust me, we've seen some of the worst apartments ever created.

Once you wake up in the morning, you can simply wrap up the sleeping bag and stow it away. This will free up more floor space and will allow you to make optimum use of the room.

This is even more helpful for when you have people visiting or if you want to host a party. You can remove a sleeping bag with ease but you can't stack a mattress in the corner in the same way.

You can also keep some extra sleeping bags and even some of the sleeping bag alternatives at home in case your friends are over and need a bed to crash on. The novelty of it is extra fun, like having a childhood slumber party or going on a camping trip.

It might sound like a strange idea at first, giving your guests a sleeping bag to turn in for the night. But think of it as a camp night and it becomes all the more fun! Plus, it's actually better for your back because you will place the sleeping bag on the hard floor, which is better for posture.

Futon Sofa

The futon sofa is the perfect mattress substitute for small studio apartments or college dorm rooms
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Futons are extremely flexible and have a lot of give, unlike standard types of mattresses. A futon sofa will serve two purposes and will save you the cost of buying a sofa as well as a mattress.

During the day, the futon can fold up into a sofa where you can sit and perhaps even work. At night, when you are ready to turn in, simply pull the sofa out and you can use the same futon as a bed.

Any types of futons can be a popular replacement for a mattress and while earlier there were reservations about whether sleeping on a futon long term is good for posture, there are several futons in the market now that have corrected this and are perfectly comfortable to use instead of a mattress in the long term.

A futon also comes in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. You can have the futon match with the other interiors, furniture and walls. It's the perfect way to furnish a small studio apartment where space is a constraint.

With a futon sofa, you can have a seating arrangement for when people pay you a visit and also extend it into a mattress that can typically accommodate at least two adults if not three. Just grab a couple pillows and some types of bed covers and now you have a bed on hand.

A futon sofa is also light, usually lighter than a standard mattress, so it will also be easy to move it in case you are shifting out of your home. A standard futon sofa will also not cost you as much as a fancy orthopedic mattress, so you will be saving money on several fronts.

Futon Mat

futon mats are non-traditional beds and perfect alternatives to mattresses used largely in Japan
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The general definition of what a futon is has come to be described as the futon sofa mentioned above. However, the traditional futon mat is a soft, comfortable and light mattress that can be rolled out on the floor at night.

A traditional Japanese-style futon will also consist of a duvet. Both the mattress and the duvet are soft, thin and can be folded up and stored when it is not being used.

This type of bedding also allows the room or the bedroom to be used for other things and allows you to make use of the space you have. Again, this is an incredible way to furnish a small, cozy studio apartment.

A futon mat is layered and has materials such as organic cotton, latex, etc. though the traditional Japanese futon could also have horsehair and reed. However, even Japan more or less sticks to using cotton in their futons.

A futon is also much better for your back in the long term than sleeping on a soft mattress. A soft mattress curves your spine over time, ruining your posture, and making you vulnerable to back pain in the long-term.

A futon, however, is a light padding on a hard floor that is much better for your back and spine. It may take some getting used to at first, but any expert will tell you that this way of sleeping is better for your back.

Again, it is a lot easier to move a futon mat than a bulky mattress, making it one of the best alternatives to a mattress. They also make nice meditation cushions and lend to great bedroom feng shui.


Hammocks are a simple mattress alternative but shouldn't be used for too long due to the posture they make you assume
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A hammock is another hit with the younger lot, especially if you have kids at home. It is a known thing that babies go off to sleep with a rocking motion. The same logic applies even when you are older.

The body will still register the gentle swinging and rocking motion, even if you are no longer a baby. There's some evidence to suggest that one can get a more comfortable sleep in a hammock bed.

Pretty much all types of hammocks are hassle-free, comfortable, and exciting beds that can be good for a sound night of sleep. Of course, this is an option that is more suitable for someone who is younger. Older people might find it difficult and laborious to climb in and out of a hammock.

A hammock is also lightweight and stress-free. When you are not using it, you can simply roll it up and put it away. If you invest in a hammock stand, you can also place the hammock anywhere without worrying about where you can tether the swing.

The hammock stand can also be lightweight, depending on the type of stand you invest in. Either way, it is an easier contraption to move around than a mattress and a bed, and you don't have to deal with typical problems like washing bedding so ofter or dealing with various types of bed bugs.

If this is something you are interested in, you can easily get a cheaper hammock online to give it a try before you commit to a hammock and get rid of your mattress. Test it out for a few nights, before you make a final decision.

It may be tricky to get used to at first, but there are methods you can try to position yourself on the hammock comfortably and get full support for your back. At least you don't have to worry about bed skirt alternatives or which of the types of bed sheets you'll use.

Air Mattress

air mattresses are great temporary and portable mattress alternatives
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An air mattress is one of the most common and popular alternatives to a regular mattress. An air bed is an inflatable bed that is lightweight, easy to move around, and very easy to maintain. If a standard mattress is bulky and expensive, the air bed is everything that is the opposite.

An air bed can also serve as an orthopedic mattress because it will give in based on the contours of your body. This offers better pressure and pain relief, but only temporarily. Ultimately in the long-term an air mattress provides poor bodily support, bad temperature regulation, and decreased comfort over time as air leaks a bit.

Air mattresses also don't cost as much as a regular mattress. In fact, they are one of the cheapest mattress alternatives you can find in the market that comes closest to the real thing. It's even cheaper because you don't have to worry about a frame or box spring alternatives to set them on.

Even a high-end air mattress that comes with a built-in pump won't cost you too much, and certainly not as much as a regular mattress might. Just don't let your pets or kids jump on them and pop them!

Besides, an air mattress also remains cool even on a hot night. The air inside the mattress is able to neutralize your body heat quicker. You can also bring an air mattress out on the terrace or balcony as they are easy to move around.

In other words, an inflatable mattress or an air mattress is portable and you can bring it with you anywhere. At the same time, you can also deflate the mattress when required and clear up more floor space in your bedroom to use it for other things.

Mattress Alternatives Can Be Even Better!

A mattress is one of the staple things that you must have in a bedroom. But from the options presented above, it is clear that there are several alternatives to a standard mattress.

You don't need to be bogged down with a heavy mattress and all its expenses when there are several cheaper and reasonable mattress alternatives out there.

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