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How to Get Rid of Flies in a Garage in 9 Easy Ways

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Have you noticed flies buzzing around in your garage? It’s normal to have one or two flying around from time to time, but if you have a legion […]

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How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage the Easy Way

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Do you live in an area with plenty of birds? It's satisfying to wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping at sunrise. But it's […]

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Parking Space Dimensions for Lots & Driveways

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Unless you're in charge of designing parking lots or are about to lay a driveway, you probably haven't given much thought to parking space dimensions. While parking spaces […]

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Where to Hang the Flag on the Front of Your House

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Displaying the American flag symbolizes patriotism and pride in one's country. It is also a way to respect the nation's founders and service members, who risked their lives […]

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Circuit Breaker Won't Reset? 4 Reasons & Solutions

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If your tripped circuit breaker won't reset, there's a high probability that it may just be doing its job of tripping to protect the circuit. You must replace […]

7 Standard Paint Can Sizes & the Spray Paint Options

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Deciding to paint is such a fun project. Painting is the least expensive way to change a room's atmosphere and brighten any decor. But just how much paint […]

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10 Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks to Add Security

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Who hasn’t been to a house where a piece of wood was the primary sliding glass door lock? We love sliding glass doors because it allows us to […]

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How Long Does Liquid Nails Take to Dry?

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Liquid Nails is a very popular adhesive used in construction projects, and it's an excellent adhesive due to its versatility and strength. But how long does Liquid Nails […]

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How To Align Garage Door Sensors in 7 Easy Steps

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Automatic garage door openers are one of modern life’s conveniences. Since 1974, nearly 100 serious incidences with children have occurred with automatic garage doors, so it’s imperative that […]

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How to Get Spray Foam Off Hands Easily as Possible

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Spray foams improve air door quality by blocking any available air space in your walls. It also provides energy savings and efficiency in buildings; it’s environmentally friendly, straightforward […]

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How To Move a Shed in 4 Ways Based on Your Tools

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Thinking about moving a shed and actually doing it are two completely different tasks. But both take a good deal of willpower. If you’re faced with the dilemma […]

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Floors for Sheds: Material Options & Guidance

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In many families, shed space has become prime real estate. People used these miniature spaces to store tools, gadgets, toys, and seasonal decor in the past. More than […]

How to Stop My Neighbors Parking in Front of My House?

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Are your neighbors parking in front of your house? It's frustrating when a friend comes over to visit, and there's nowhere for them to park. Or maybe you […]

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How Many Mothballs to Use in a Room of Any Size

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Did you pull your favorite suit out of the closet for someone's wedding to find it full of holes? Moths are destructive pests, and they love dining on […]

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How Tall is a Two-Story House? Factors & Calculations

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How tall is a two-story house? Are you asking because you're thinking about buying a house? If you're a millennial buyer making your first purchase, or even younger […]

Should a Storm Door Match the Front Door Color?

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Are you selling your home? Or maybe you're a homeowner looking to give your place a facelift? Speak to any real estate agent, and they'll tell you the […]

parts of a roof

33 Parts of a Roof: Diagrammed to Understand

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When it comes to constructing a house, we know the importance of a solid foundation, as it gives the housing the base and the strength to keep standing. […]

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5 Screened-In Pergola Pros & 5 Screen Design Tips

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If you are someone who values the aesthetic of your house and the surrounding, then you've probably thought about adding a gazebo or a pergola. Especially a screened-in […]

Venting Your Dryer Into the Garage? Think Again!

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Where does your dryer vent to? You'll want to read this post if you're venting your dryer into your garage. This can be dangerous, and you're placing your […]

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5 Garage Ventilation Options for Fresh & Safe Air

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Is your garage smelling musty? It could be overly warm inside, or it feels humid. While most people see the garage as separate from your home, many open […]

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8 Sweating Garage Floor Fixes & Preventions

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Did you walk into your garage to find the floor wet this morning? It's a common occurrence for homeowners and possible to prevent with the right strategy. Wet […]

Is Duct Tape Waterproof? No, But It's Resistant

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There are a few essential items that are in almost any toolbox around. Screwdrivers, gloves, and duct tape are some of the top three. Duct tape is versatile […]

How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch With 15 Tricks

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Local avian inhabitants are wonderful creatures that visit our gardens and amuse us with their quaint pecking order. However, having a flock of birds invade your outdoor living […]

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How to Use an Outdoor Rug on a Concrete Patio

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Adding a rug to your patio adds a nice touch of elegance to it and also provides great comfort. But you might be worried about your concrete patio […]

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The Best Color Patio Umbrella to Block the Sun

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Choosing the right color for your patio umbrella is essential to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not doing so will not only keep […]

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Are Bats Attracted to Lights? No, With One Exception

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A common question that has bothered scientists for ages is "are bats attracted to lights?" Well, after thorough research and studies, they've finally discovered the answer! Just like […]

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Heated Outdoor Shower: Pros, Cons & Design Tips

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The summer heat and winter dirty work can be a pain and that's why many people install a heated outdoor shower nowadays. Cold water can be quite the […]

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Are Termites Attracted To Light? Yes, & Here's Why

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Termite invasion is quite common, especially during the summer and spring times. However, you must have noticed these termites can often be seen around lights, as close to […]

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Painting a Chiminea: Preparation & Execution

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A chiminea can make your patio or yard look beautiful but can become rusted and filled with dirt after prolonged use. When that happens, painting a chiminea is […]

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How Big Should a Fire Pit Area Be? How to Decide

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A nice and well-kept fireplace can define the overall aesthetic of your place. It can give it a cozy feel. Alternatively, if your fire pit area isn't done […]

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Fire Pit Won't Stay Lit? Here's What You Need to Do

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A fire pit can surely elevate any space and it even provides an aesthetic and rustic presence to your area. However, a common complaint that bothers many is […]

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Why are Adirondack Chairs so Expensive? Here's Why

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Adirondack chairs are a nice piece of furniture to add to your outdoor space, and you want to get them. But you’re shocked when you learn about the […]

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Height of a Pergola: Your Options & How to Choose

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A pergola really can up the aesthetic of your patio or yard. It can make a focal point in the overall design, bringing the whole ambiance together nicely. […]

pergola footing thumbnail

Pergola Footing: Depth, Anchors, & Options

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A pergola is meant to be a focal point of any garden. It can elevate a space. But imagine if you do not set it well enough and […]

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Gazebo Attached to House: Design & Safety Factors

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When building a gazebo, homeowners usually have two choices. They can build it as a standalone structure or have the gazebo attached to the house. But there are […]

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Choosing Flooring for a Pool House (5 Best Options)

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If you are planning to build your dream pool house, flooring will be among your biggest concerns. And we don't blame you. The moisture and foot traffic in […]

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Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet? Yes, But You Should...

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Outdoor rugs are nice pieces of decor for your outer space. But you might be worried that leaving them unattended for a long period can make them wet […]

10 Ways to Block a Neighbor's View to Regain Privacy

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Imagine having a party in your backyard and your neighbors uninvitedly taking part by peeking at your property. Doesn't it seem awkward? You can either tell them to […]

The Pros & Cons Of Insulating Your Garage

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People tend to blow hot and cold when it comes to insulating their garage. Whether or not it's worth it depends on how you use your garage. Considering […]

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Unfinished Garage: Why & How to Finish the Project

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Have you just moved to your new home? We know the whole process is as messy and scary as it sounds. And doing the whole thing entirely on […]

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Clerestory Roof: The Many Windowed Wonder

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Who doesn't want to build a home with exceptional street appeal and an aesthetic vibe inside and out? If you want your home to stand out from the […]

13 Parts of a Ladder: All Components Diagrammed

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Can you name a tool you can find in every household around the world? No matter which continent or region you live in, you must have encountered a […]

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How Long After Shock Can You Swim?

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Imagine coming from a long working day and going to the pool only to see algae contamination. The first thing that might come to your mind is to […]

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What is a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool? (Pros & Cons)

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The number of people who are into luxury pools is increasing day by day. The zero-entry swimming pool is now the most trending design in luxury pools. If […]

parts of a shovel

7 Parts of a Shovel: Shovel Anatomy Diagrammed

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One of the most common tools that people use around the globe is a shovel. It comes in many different sizes and shapes, comprised of specific parts of […]

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14 Granite Cutting Tools for Cleaner & Faster Cuts

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Given how beautiful, strong, and durable it is, it’s no surprise that granite can cost you quite a pretty penny, and even more for the granite cutting tools […]

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12 Tile Removal Tools for an Efficient Job Well Done

Updated: | Categories: Garage

If your tiles have become sticky, slippery, chipped, or damaged, these are signs that it's time to get your hands on some tile removal tools and get ready […]

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3 Types of Primer Paint for the Perfect Base Coat

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Any of the types of primer paint are a kind of coating that you apply to a surface before you apply layers of regular paint over it. This […]

parts of a deck

26 Parts of a Deck: Diagrammed to Understand

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The idea of including a deck on your house sounds interesting, right? Indeed! Decks can add to the overall aesthetics of a home and help you stand out […]

parts of a hammer

10 Parts of a Hammer: Diagrammed to Understand

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When it comes to hand tools for fixing things, there is one item that comes to mind: a hammer. It's a versatile and seemingly simple tool that can […]