Why is it Called a Loveseat? The Full Quick Answer

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why is it called a loveseat

Even though you know what a loveseat is, you might want to know "why is it called a loveseat" in the first place. If you're like me, you were sitting on one and pondering existence and it occurred to you how little you know about the tiny couch (or large chair?) you're sitting on.

Well, a loveseat is basically a small sofa designed for two people to fit and sit on it comfortably. The purpose is to offer a classified seating arrangement to a person and their other half. So, you can say it is a seat that can bring you closer to the person you love on a formal and elegant date night.

Want to know more about the history and facts of loveseats? Read till the end without skipping any of it.

What is a Loveseat? A Quick Explanation!

if you are wondering what is a loveseat and why do they call it a loveseat, here is the quick explanation!

A loveseat is a chair designed for couples and even dates. These seats look more like small types of couches. And, it's evident that more than two people won't be able to fit in it (that's why it's named as loveseat).

However, not only for dates, but you can also use it as a complement to another large sofa in your living room. Loveseats are even used as an added seating area in many bedrooms.

Earlier versions of loveseats looked a lot different than how they look today. The journey of loveseats started with the shape 'S.' Back then, this idea of couples facing each other in that particular seating arrangement mesmerized everyone.

A loveseat can be any kind of sofa (no specific shapes are recommended) that has seats for just two. There are no rules or regulations for a loveseat's material, design, or even color.

Moreover, you make also place a loveseat wherever you want; it is not necessary that a loveseat has to be in any specific area of your home.

On average, the size of a loveseat would be 40 to 70 inches. However, loveseats larger than 70 inches are considered sofas and the ones smaller than 49 inches are called "Love Chairs."

Why is it Called a Loveseat? A Brief History

why is a loveseat called a loveseat? you can check the brief history here!

So why is a loveseat called a loveseat? In short, the root of the name of 'loveseats' is their intention of holding two couples close to one another. However, the initial intention of making such a designed sofa was not for couples. Instead, it was first designed for women to sit comfortably in long dresses.

But after some time, the S-shaped type was invented. People could now face each other while being close enough to hold hands. When they found out these sofas are beyond perfection for intimate heart-to-heart conversations, they immediately came up with the name "Loveseat."

Since the 17th century, the seats have been used mainly by couples. Eventually, this heart-warming idea had to rock, becoming famous worldwide in no time.

Alternative Names for a Loveseat

Why do they call it a loveseat? Well, not everyone does! Loveseats (also known as ‘love seats’) have been around for almost 400 years now. It's not possible that you have heard nothing about these famous chairs that serve as popular couch alternatives. But it is only a matter of names that you're familiar with since loveseats have a whole bunch of alternative names.

One of the very first names of loveseats is Tête-à-Tête. The name came from the phrase of the private chatter between two people. If we look around the 19th century, people called loveseats Harkens since loveseats are like "courting seats."

However, the actual era of loveseats started with the arrival of the S-shaped one. People commonly know it as a courting seat, kissing bench, gossip chair, conversation chair, and many other names.

The most recent name for love chairs is Settee. Nowadays, some call these chairs a Chaise or Divan, though these two are not strictly loveseats any more. So, if you have heard any of these following names before, then yes, these are the famous loveseats.

What is the Difference Between a Loveseat & Sofa?

what is the difference between a loveseat & sofa? And why are loveseats called loveseats?

The main difference between a sofa and a love chair is its size. Two-seater small sofas are called loveseats, but traditional sofas tend to have 3-4 ample seating spaces.

Furthermore, the size of a sofa depends on the preferences of the owner. However, a loveseat has to be small. The size ranges from 52' to 64' arm to arm. A standard loveseat wouldn't be longer than 65'. The weight of a love sofa can vary depending on the materials.

Now it's up to you which one you're going to have for your home. However, we recommend going for loveseats, especially for bedrooms or small restaurants where romantic dates occur, as it reflects elegance and is also pretty fun to sit on. It's even more fun if you can drag up an ottoman or coffee table to prop your feet up on like a recliner.

Types & Usages of Loveseats

types & usages of loveseats

Loveseats are the most trendy and stylish sofas of modern days. From restaurants to home decor, a loveseat can harmonize each and every space. But mostly, they are popular due to their space-saving trait.

Loveseats are often sold with larger sofa sets as a complementary piece. Why are loveseats called loveseats? We know why, and the answer gives you clues on where and how to use them. Some popular loveseat ideas are:

Date Nights: Restaurants that are famous for dates and candlelight dinners mostly have love sofas. It really is a romantic and cozy seating system where couples can feel most connected and close to each other.

Relaxing: People who appreciate some alone time in a day can also use this sofa. The small couch will make them feel comfortable; they can read a book or even have some tea while relaxing on this couch.

Added Seating: If you're looking for a small but elegant sofa that can be an extra seat in your room, then a loveseat can be your ideal option.

Below are the two interesting types of loveseats available that not only provide you only with "the intimate space" but are also an elegant pick for your home.

S-Shaped Loveseats: It is evident that the invention of s-shaped sofas landmarked the name of loveseats. This variation of loveseats lets you sit face to face with your loved ones on the same couch, or with a stranger with your backs against each other.

Wooden Loveseats: The most common and affordable type of loveseat is wooden with two cushions to provide the necessary comfort to the people. They are pretty classy as looks and can add a whole new definition to your home space. You'll have a much wider range of furniture leg styles to choose from to match your current decor as well.

How is a Loveseat Used Currently?

since we already know why is it called a loveseat, we can dive into how is a loveseat used currently?

So, these loveseats were initially designed for women to have comfortable sitting positions with long dresses. However, the seats are now gradually changing their goals as most women in today's world prefer thinner dresses compared to the 17th-century trends. And of course we know the answer to "why is it called a loveseat"... it's not for one person any more!

Therefore, these loveseats now mainly accompany larger sofa sets. That's not all; they are also seen complementing coffee tables or end tables. They're basic staples and expectations in most living rooms now, though sectionals are starting to displace these now in many homes.

Space-saving small seating and elegant restaurants also hold these classic chairs to enhance the overall coziness of their restaurants.

Price Range of Loveseats

The cost of a loveseat would depend on the design, fashion, material, and manufacturing cost. Besides, the quality of foam, wood, or upholstery can also increase or decrease the value.

On average, a loveseat can cost around $300 to $1400, but the weight needs to be estimated at 73 to 210 pounds. You can find many excellent quality loveseats within $700, though.

If you want to get an authentic love sofa for your home, then the cost can reside anywhere from $1000 to $1100.

The rate will also vary depending on the types of upholstery fabric, including the fabric material, quality, and size. So, it's always recommended that you go through each of the models before you can binge on getting one for yourself.

And That’s Why it is Called a Loveseat!

It is hard to believe how a sofa can pull stories, lives, and people together. Over the years, the design of loveseats has changed immensely, but the goal is identical to today's date. Conversing face-to-face intimacy has become so much easier for couples with the arrival of the loveseat.

The way it creates intimacy between the couples in a formal yet physical contact arrangement is fabulous. So we believe after going through this talk, you should now have a clear answer for the question "why is it called a loveseat?".

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