12 Futon Alternatives for Space Saving Comfort

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futon alternatives

Futon alternatives are meant to provide the convenience and space savings that traditional futons provide, while also allowing for additional functionality and better home decor.

Futons are Japan-made non-spring mattresses that are foldable. They are used most commonly by people as make-shift flooring beds. When not used as beds, they are kept folded on sofas in the form of a couch.

While futons are a convenient piece of bedding that is nice to have in a house, they can take a lot of space. Sometimes keeping them folded in a particular area can be difficult and might not best fit your home's interior and spacing needs.

Many people live in smaller apartments or studio apartments where putting up a bed or using a traditional futon might not be the best option. Therefore, let us discuss some convenient and common alternatives to futons that will save space and take care of all your sleeping needs.

12 Futon Alternatives

There are many mats, couches, mattresses, and bedding pieces available that will provide similar comfort as all the types of futons. So let's go over the futon alternatives now without further delay.

Bean Bags

bean bags are famous alternatives to futons
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Bean bags or bean bag sofas are a favorite population alternative for futons and every other type of rest available.

They come in funky colors and designs and fit remarkably in small spaces, both confidential and residential. A wide variety of size ranges are available as well.

Even though they are made to fit one individual, they also provide perfect and sufficient comfort to that one person. These bags are made with memory stuffed foams and ensure great relaxation.

Bean bag couches are a bit high maintenance and must be adequately managed. In addition, using it in public places must be tricky since people sometimes carelessly poke holes in the foams with pencils. However, they are still one of the best futon alternatives and a great space saver.

Pull-Out Bed Couch

pull-out bed couch

Popularly recognized as sofa or couch beds, pull-out or pullable bed couches have been an excellent pick for people living in small apartments since the 90s.

These types of couches offer features of both a couch and a bed according to the situation and need. One pull and push are all it takes to transform the pull-out sofa into a bed and back to a couch again.

Pull-out couches are one of the best futon alternatives for couples and more prominent families since, unlike most other futon substitutes, these couches offer twin-sized space and larger space. They're perfect guest bed options for those tight on space. They're great space savers in many sizes and designs.


hammocks are the most popular futon alternative for almost everyone in the world
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Hammocks have always been a popular choice since they are easy to set up and hang anywhere as long as there are good tying options for the hammock's ropes or handles.

Not all types of hammocks are necessarily made with classic rope-like fabrics with see-through gaps. Many opaque fabric-based hammocks offer more comfort for long-term uses. It is even possible to stuff them with pillows, cushions, and others.

As for their shapes, hammocks come in squared and circular styles. Some are hung from four points, while others have more to aid a successful setup. On top of everything, hammocks are said to relieve backaches people.

Most children and younger people prefer hammocks more than other age groups. However, it is undeniable that these hang-able rests are a great space saver as futon alternatives no matter how small a square foot a place has. Furthermore, they can be customized to fit one's preference of fabric and style.

Transformable Bed

transformable beds are perfect alternatives to futon if you wish to save some space in your room
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Transformable beds are more of a reverse-futon bedding system. Traditional futons work by converting a sofa or couch into a mattress or bed. In contrast, transformable beds provide the convenience of transforming into many other furnishing pieces like desks and tables.

Additionally, there are exceptional designs where these beds can be made into sofas or couches. These types of bed frames are really convenient for those needing to make furniture pull double duty.

These beds are a favorite pick for most modern houses since they are commonly set up in-ceiling compartments, which can later be brought outward on the floor or even be used as a table or couch, depending on the type used.

Air Mattress

air mattress
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Air mattresses, as it can be assumed from the name, are inflatable mattresses that are great options for temporary use. One of the best features of air mattresses is that they come in various sizes, which can only get bigger.

These types of mattresses are pretty durable and useful. In addition, they have electric pumps attached to inflate them instantly.

These mattresses deflate after every night of usage but can continuously be pumped back when required. They are space savers and can be reduced into a compact size to fit the organization and ambiance of a place.

As for its maintenance, the air mattresses will work fine long-term if adequately managed. It needs to be ensured that the material is not getting scratched or poked by any materials that might ruin its internal pump features.

Sleeping Mats

sleeping mats
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Sleeping mats are very much like yoga mats and can act as mattress alternatives when you're in a tight spot. They are super user-friendly and can be folded or rolled easily. Sleeping mats come in different thick and thin ranges; many brands and models are available for sleeping mats.

As for convenience, they are lightweight, easy to carry and provide various purposes. The uses include sleeping, exercising, and even for children to nap. They make for decent sleeping bag alternatives too in the summer.

Sleeping mats are one of the best futon alternatives being a great space saver with little or no maintenance required. They provide comfort and convenience and are the best minimalistic bedding option to consider.

Floating Magnetic Bed

floating magnetic bed

Known as one of the most luxury items in most fancy households, a floating magnetic bed is one flashy alternatives to futons.

These magnetic beds are solid and can accommodate several people with an approximate total weight of 2000 lbs.

Floating magnetic beds might not be the best space-savers out there, but they are a great purchase to make since these beds ensure excellent durability and can be used for a long span of years.

Installation of the floating magnetic bed can be tricky, but they provide extreme convenience and comfort once set up and installed right. They'll use standard sizes of bed sheets and types of bed covers as well, so that's a relief.

Swinging Bed

swinging bed

Swinging beds are a pretty pop-culture-friendly choice of bedding now. Usually with a hammock-like hanging style, but more comfort is being offered this time.

These beds are mostly considered patio furniture, but with days passing by, they are being picked by many for their space-saving features. But as far as fun beds for kids, these can make great bunk bed alternatives, too.

They are very similar to hammocks but are strung from the ceiling rather than cornered points like hammocks. It's super children and teenager-friendly futon alternative and can be used in most types of spaces.

Foldable Beds

foldable beds
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As indicated by the name, this alternative to futons comes in the form of beds that can be easily foldable. Depending on the purpose, they are mostly used for one-time use and sometimes long-term use as bed alternatives.

Camping with these foldable beds is one of the preferable uses of these beds. These fold-up beds are super portable and fantastic space savers.

Foldable beds are user-friendly and can be golden and unfolded quickly, depending on the situation. Its material content mostly comes in metal or steel materials, and sometimes wooden materials.

They come in various sizes. However, not all foldable beds come with a built-in mattress frame; thereby, it's wise to always go for the ones that fit specific requirements according to people's tastes and choices.

Floor Cushions

floor cushions
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Flooring cushion beddings are not strictly available at stores since people make these independently. New bedding pieces, old pillows, mattresses, etc., are used by people to create their make-shift beds according to their specific preferences.

Surprisingly, flooring cushions are the closest futon alternatives to an actual Japanese futon. The only exception is that it cannot be folded like traditional futons and placed on a couch.

Floor cushions are different since they are mostly personally made by people. While they are not available in stores, pillowcases and other bedding materials can be bought from the store to add to this beautiful environment-friendly futon alternative.

Fold-Up Mattresses

fold-up mattresses
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Fold-up or fold-away mattresses are the same as foldable beds. However, they do not come with any external bed framing, which is what makes them a perfect alternative to futon usage.

These particular mattresses come with features of being easily foldable from different sections. Usually, they have one or two other areas or ways of being folded away.

Fold-up mattresses share similarities with flooring cushions since both of these beddings can be spread out on the floor to be used. Additionally, fold-away mattresses can be put into classic bed frames and utilized.

Futon Chair

futon chair is one of the perfect futon alternatives for single-person
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A futon chair are single-person types of chairs where the seat itself is futon folded in into two thirds, where the final third is the back of the seat that then lays back. They're strong enough that you don't need to add more supports since the middle portion will hold most of your body weight.

What's nice about these is the bedding material is comfortable as far as futons go, and that means the seat is pretty comfy, too, as you use it in the chair configuration, which you'll probably do more often than not.

Futon Alternatives for Those Looking for More Comfort

These alternatives to futons won't break your bank; instead, ensure you have a good time napping after your hectic days. Remember to take proper care of the mattresses.

Ever since the 1970's when Japanese immigrants introduced futons to America, people have loved the concept but as their prices increased and we kept aging, we began to seek out cheaper and more comfortable options that still carry all the same benefits.

With all you need to know about different futon alternatives, there you go. All the other options we listed are great space savers, especially for people living in smaller city apartments or studio flats.

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