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How Long Does Grout Take to Dry? 1-3 Days, But...

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Whether repairing or remodeling your bathroom, you must grout the tile. Grout acts as glue tying your tiled floor or wall together, and you must do it correctly. […]

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Is Grout Waterproof? It Depends on the Type!

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Is grout waterproof? This is a question most homeowners ask when looking for solutions to waterproof their bathrooms. Grout has different waterproofing capabilities depending on its type and […]

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Scratch Repair for Laminate Floors (8 Easy Methods)

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Does your home have laminate flooring? It's one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options, but it's not indestructible. The rugged top layer of the material easily […]

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How to Fix Scratches on Vinyl Floors & Prevention

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Do you have vinyl flooring in your home? It's a popular choice due to its low maintenance requirements, affordability, and huge range of colors and finishes. Vinyl flooring […]

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How to Remove a Pocket Door From Its Track Easily

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Do you have a pocket door in your home? It's a common feature providing a compact entrance to a closet, bathroom, or area of the house where a […]

The Different Types of PEX Pipe for Each Application

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Are you replacing piping around your home? The various types of PEX pipe, otherwise known as "cross-linked polyethylene," are the industry-standard material used in plumbing applications across America […]

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How to Fix a Broken Mirror Instead of Replacing It

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Did you accidentally break a mirror? Hopefully, you didn't do it on purpose, or superstition says you'll have seven years of bad luck. If you have a cracked […]

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How to Tile Inside Corners to Get a Pro Pattern Build

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Are you renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Tiles provide the best finish for these areas around the home due to the water usage. Tiling is a reasonably easy […]

How to Remove a Shower Head Flow Restrictor

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Is your shower acting up? If it's blasting high pressure one day and dribbling the next, it might have to do with the flow restrictor in the shower […]

How to Insulate PEX Pipe Effectively for All Seasons

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PEX piping is a type of plastic piping that is commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing systems. It's highly flexible and durable, making it a popular choice […]

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Fire Alarm Randomly Going Off for a Few Seconds

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Have you recently had a fire alarm randomly going off for a few seconds? This can be irritating, especially during a good night's sleep. Regardless of how inconvenient […]

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Does Paint Dry Darker or Lighter? (6 Factors)

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Paint is a crucial component when it comes to renovating or redecorating a space. Every step is essential for achieving the desired look, from choosing the perfect color […]

How Far Apart Are Studs? Standard Stud Spacing

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Studs are essential pieces of your home because they’re the upright supports in walls. Knowing their spacing can help you avoid complications when you renovate, check for repairs, […]

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? Cheaply & Easily!

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Painting bathroom tile is an easy and cost-effective way to give your space a fresh look. With the proper preparation and products, you can get professional results without […]

Secure a Bookshelf to the Wall Without Screws

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Do you enjoy settling in for the evening with a good book? If you're an avid reader, you'll eventually need more space to store your novels. Leaving them […]

How to Get Rid of Flies in a Garage in 9 Easy Ways

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Have you noticed flies buzzing around in your garage? It’s normal to have one or two flying around from time to time, but if you have a legion […]

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How to Hollow Out a Tree Stump in 3 Easy Ways

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Did you do a bit of tree felling in your yard this winter? Now you have a stump in your garden, and there's no way you're going to […]

How to Get Rid of Static on Blankets in 10 Ways

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Have you ever shocked yourself with a crackling spark of static electricity? We all played those games as kids where we rubbed or socked feet on the carpet […]

Securing Basement Windows With 10 Easy Methods

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Do you have a basement in your home? What are you doing to secure it? Securing basement windows is a problem you can't ignore. With the economy in […]

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How to Stop a Couch from Sliding Around (7 Ways)

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Did your couch slip out as you sat on it this evening? How annoying is that? We're about to show you how to stop a couch from sliding […]

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How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage the Easy Way

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Do you live in an area with plenty of birds? It's satisfying to wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping at sunrise. But it's […]

How To Remove Drywall Anchors (2 Real Options)

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We've all used them for the most part, but what we don't usually know is how to remove drywall anchors. Drywall anchors are the tools you need when […]

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How to Unlock a Bathroom Door Without a Lock Key

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Unfortunately, locks tend to jam when we least expect it. You can go along about your morning or day and quickly find yourself locked out of your bathroom. […]

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How Long Does Liquid Nails Take to Dry?

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Liquid Nails is a very popular adhesive used in construction projects, and it's an excellent adhesive due to its versatility and strength. But how long does Liquid Nails […]

How To Frost Glass: 4 DIY Methods for Superb Results

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You’ve found the perfect place, but the windows don’t offer any privacy and seem bland. Instead of passing on your new home, try frosting the glass. Frosted glass […]

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Can You Caulk Over Caulk? Yes, & Here is How

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Do you have old caulking in your kitchen or bathroom looking old a grubby? It might be time to dig it out and replace it. But wait, what […]

How to Stop My Neighbors Parking in Front of My House?

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Are your neighbors parking in front of your house? It's frustrating when a friend comes over to visit, and there's nowhere for them to park. Or maybe you […]

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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Without Nails

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Do you want to hang a mirror in your home but don't know what fasteners to use? If you're renting your apartment or house from a landlord or […]

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Are Squeaky Floors a Structural Problem?

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Is your hardwood floor squeaking as you make your way into the lounge? Squeaky wooden floors are a common problem, especially in older homes. But are squeaky floors […]

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Why is My Toilet Water Brown? 5 Reasons & Fixes

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You go into the bathroom to use the facilities and automatically look into the bowl as you prepare to do your business. The water is brown. That can't […]

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Painting a Plastic Bathtub in 4 Steps & Success Tips

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Does your bathtub have an unsightly yellow ring around it? You may have moved into a new home with a grubby-looking tub. Or perhaps you want to redecorate […]

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How High to Mount a TV in Your Bedroom (& 7 Tips)

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Are you shopping for a new TV? The thrill of buying that new 55" 4K model to replace your old 1080p TV is exciting. This is a chance […]

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How to Fix a Crack in a Plastic Bathtub in 10 Steps

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Does your plastic tub have cracks? There's no need to stress. Plastic bathtub crack repair is easier than you might expect. You may not need to replace it […]

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Why Drywall Tape Separates From Ceilings & How to Fix It

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Is your drywall tape separating from the ceiling? It's a frustration experienced by many homeowners. Why is it happening, and what can you do to repair the problem? […]

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How to Adjust Pocket Doors Easily & Correctly

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Do you have pocket doors in your home? These doors have a pleasing aesthetic and are functional, but they often experience issues with opening and closing. One of […]

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Will a Toilet Unclog Itself? Sometimes, But...

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Did you walk into the bathroom this morning to find your toilet clogged? Have you heard nightmare stories of toilets overflowing? The last thing you need is raw […]

Are Shower Heads Universal? Mostly, But...

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Do you dream of installing one of those rain shower heads in your bathroom? You’re probably wondering if it will fit your existing shower arm. Are shower heads […]

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Dryer Overheating? 11 Causes & Easy Solutions

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Is your clothes dryer overheating? We don't realize how much we depend on this appliance until it malfunctions. Soggy clothes drying in the house make your living space […]

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8 Sweating Garage Floor Fixes & Preventions

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Did you walk into your garage to find the floor wet this morning? It's a common occurrence for homeowners and possible to prevent with the right strategy. Wet […]

How to Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night

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Crickets can make a symphony’s worth of noise. Sometimes it can be pleasant and comforting. But if it is relentless, too loud, or too close, especially at night, […]

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How to Unclog a Drain With Salt - 4 Easy Methods

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One of the more typical household problems is a drain that becomes clogged. Seeing water build up next to a drain is frustrating. However, you may use common […]

backyard farming

Backyard Farming for Everyone: Get Started Easily Today

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Backyard farming is a movement in which everyday spaces are turned into mini or micro-farms. It's a deliberate approach to growing and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables […]

how to bank a fire

How to Bank a Fire, Block Wind, & Get Piping Hot Coals & Ashes

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn & Garden

There's nothing particularly hard about knowing how to bank a fire, but there are some details that you'll miss if you simply watch a video or see it […]

how to build natural stone steps

How to Build Natural Stone Steps Like the Pros Do It

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Exteriors, Lawn & Garden

You already know how to build natural stone steps in terms of each individual part of the process. You won't need any new skills to get this done, […]

pallet adirondack chair

How to Build a Pallet Adirondack Chair

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage, Patio

Summer is here, and a pallet adirondack chair screams relaxation. It's the best, most comfortable deck chair ever. Now, what if I tell you directly how to make […]

wattle fence

The DIY Wattle Fence Guide - How to Build & Preserve

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Knowing how to build a wattle fence is a small hurdle between you and a beautiful and natural DIY barrier whenever you'd like it to be. Do you […]

how to kill a tree stump

How to Kill a Tree Stump: 4 DIY Ways to Remove it for Good

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn & Garden

You don't need to be a specialist to know how to kill a tree stump. Anyone can whip up a homemade tree stump killer and engage in DIY […]

How to Kill Cactus Growth in Your Yard (With or Without Chemicals)

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I talk to a lot of people who are looking for advice on how to keep their cactus alive, but every now and then somebody needs to know […]

repair concrete cracks in garage floor

Garage Floor Crack Repair 101 (Plus When to DIY & When to Call a Pro)

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No matter how nice your garage floor is when it’s first installed, and regardless of how well you take care of it, you’ll eventually get a garage floor […]

remove stripped bolt

How to Remove a Stripped Bolt (& How to Avoid Causing Them)

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There are a number of ways that a bolt can become stripped, rounded, seized, and seemingly impossible to remove. Whether you’ve having issues with a screw, a bolt, […]