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Everyone has a green thumb no matter where they live. Literally tasting the fruit of your own labor by growing your own vegetables and spices is a great part of life. Or maybe you want to create a visual spectacle of a flower garden, even on a patio or balcony. The sky is the limit, but the earth is the source. We have all of the gardening ideas you need below.

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14 Types of Fig Trees to Grow for Their Sweet Fruit

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If you want a fast and easy-growing fruit tree for your home garden, fig plants are simply the best option to grow on your containers. Although figs are […]

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15 Types of Oregano for Edible & Ornamental Enjoyment

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From pizza to fried chicken, oregano goes with everything. And different types of oregano come with unique flavors and aromas to make your meals one of a kind. […]

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13 Types of Violets to Splash Color All in Your Flower Bed

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Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte loved all types of violets so much that he was called 'Corporal Violet'? Even Shakespeare fell for the elegant violet flower and […]

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11 Types of Cauliflower to Bring Color to Your Garden

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Love it or hate it, there's no denying that very few vegetables are as rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as the different types of cauliflower. If you […]

20 Types of Zinnias for Varieties of Pretty Shapes & Colors

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All the types of zinnias are living examples of easy-maintenance flowers. This is why they are so popular among new hobbyists. After hearing all these, you can fall […]

20 Types of Morning Glory to Bring Charm to Your Garden

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When summer comes, it brings along the stunning colors to the blooming morning glories, and we all love it. All types of morning glory are absolute charmers with […]

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14 Types of Spinach to Grow & Add Variety to Your Meals

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We’ve all watched Popeye the Sailor gaining muscles after eating a can of spinach, and though it sounds gimmicky, it can be true. You'd do a lot better […]

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15 Types of Grasshoppers to Look for Out in the Wild

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When we think about any types of grasshoppers, we mostly recall two kinds of memories. One involves the sweet childhood that we spent running around the insect while […]

15 Types of Pecans to Create Complex Dishes & Desserts

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Whether as a part of a healthy diet or the main ingredient of a delicious dessert, all types of pecans are an excellent choice. This nut has been […]

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10 Types of Limes to Enhance Dishes & Excite Mouths

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Members of the citrus fruit family, different types of limes are used around the world in many ways and recipes to elevate flavors to a whole new level. […]

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16 Types of Raspberries to Enjoy Sweet & Juicy Fruits

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There cannot be a single human being who does not enjoy the sweet and juicy deliciousness of a raspberry. If the world was a perfect place, you would […]

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16 Types of Ficus Trees to Grow Indoors & Outdoors

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If you're a plant person, you must be familiar with at least some of the types of ficus. Ficus, commonly known as the fiddle leaf figs, are some […]

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14 Types of Elm Trees to Identify on Your Adventures

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Lawn Care

All types of elm trees fall in the Ulmus genus, and there are more than 40 species of plants in this genus. There are a lot of common […]

7 Types of Arborvitae for Massive Lawn Street Appeal

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Anyone who's into gardening and has a lawn or enough area in their backyard is probably familiar with at least one of the different types of arborvitae. You […]

16 Types of Holly Shrubs, Bushes, & Trees for Your Yard

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Have you ever looked at Christmas decorations and wondered what the ornamental green leaves with red berries on them are? Well, those are types of holly bushes, or […]

17 Types of Camellias for Flowering Evergreen Shrub Lovers

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All the types of camellias are known for their ease of planting and bringing a splash of color to the gloom of winter anywhere. They can live through […]

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11 Mulch Alternatives for Landscaping & Flower Beds

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Did you decide to landscape your garden but ran out of mulch? And the store near you doesn’t have any in stock either? Time to consider one of […]

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11 Types of Sundials to Enjoy Tracking Time the Old Way

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Among the oldest scientific devices known to humankind, the different types of sundials have been around since 1500 BCE, built by some very smart members of the Egyptian […]

12 Types of Koi Fish to Make Your Pond the Best Around

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Commonly called jinli or nishikigoi and belonging to the Cyprinus rubrofuscus species, the many types of koi fish or brocaded carp are colorful ornamental fish that are usually […]

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14 Types of Poppies to Enhance the Beauty of Your Garden

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Colorful and brilliant, any types of poppies will add a whole new level of beauty to any flowerbed. With silky, translucent petals that resemble stained glass when the […]

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12 Types of Shovels Essential to Your Yard Work Needs

Updated: | Categories: Garage, Garden, Lawn Care

Often confused with spades, all the different types of shovels are actually a concave tool that usually has a curved tip and a board blade. They're great pieces […]

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15 Types of Fountains to Class Up Any Home, Garden, or Business

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pool

The different types of fountains out there offer you a wide variety of options to suit your unique needs and desires. Whether you're looking to add a fountain […]

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19 Types of Buckets Just the Right Size for Each Task

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Garage, Garden

Speaking of buckets, you would be quite surprised to know that there are several different types of buckets - not just the ones you have in your utility […]

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14 Types of Bouquets to Make Your Event Simply Magical

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Interiors

Anyone walking into a party with a bunch of flowers looks really classy and in the know. And if they get the right types of bouquets for the […]

types of onions

9 Types of Onions Matched to the Right Dishes For You

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

We all have a love-hate relationship with the various types of onions. They make us cry as if we’ve just seen the saddest thing ever happen. But we’ve […]

types of hedges

15 Types of Hedges That Form the Perfect Lawn Boundary

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you own a garden, you must have considered creating any types of hedges at one point if you have not already. Hedges have a variety of uses […]

types of boxwood shrubs

14 Types of Boxwood Shrubs to Spruce Up Your Lawn & Garden

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All the types of boxwood shrubs have an eternal artistic appeal that perfectly represents nature, whether for room divider or door wreaths. They elevate the beauty of any […]

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24 Types of Hibiscus to Get That Tropical Feel at Home

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The different types of hibiscus flowers are one of the most abundantly found flowers across the earth. But you must know that China Rose isn’t the only type […]

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15 Main Types of Tulips to Reinvigorate Your Flower Bed

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Any of the types of tulips can enhance the beauty of a garden by their mere presence. The vibrant colors can make any garden go from mediocre to […]

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15 Types of Termites to Identify & Fight to Preserve Your Wood

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors, Garden, Pests

Termites need no introduction no matter which part of the world you live in. Now, it so happens that various types of termites can be quite different and […]

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8 Types of Geraniums to Pop Color in Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you have some knowledge of plants, you must have come across various types of geraniums often. And if you are an avid gardener, then you definitely own […]

16 Types of Basil to Splash Some Color in Your Herb Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

When we're talking about culinary herbs, the first that often comes to mind is one of the types of basil. Although it originated from the Indian subcontinent, basil […]

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22 Types of Irises to Beautify Your Flower Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of irises has long been famous as a source of herbal medicines and perfume ingredients. Over 300 species of this plant are spread worldwide, and […]

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11 Main Types of Dahlias & the Colorful Varieties Within

Updated: | Categories: Garden

What’s a wedding without dahlias? These exotic flowers have been an automatic choice for weddings in almost every corner of the world. The vivid color and eclectic texture […]

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20 Types of Lavender to Beautify Your Flower Bed & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

 Lavender is a sun-loving plant and is pretty popular for landscaping gardens, lawns, and yards. So, if you were thinking, "How many types of lavender are there," the […]

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16 Types of Carrots to Invigorate Your Garden & Dishes

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When we think of any types of carrots, the bright orange-colored ones come to mind because that's really all most of us know. But that's not the only […]

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15 Types of Begonias to Bring Beauty to Your Home

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of begonias are beautiful flowering plants that are blessed with various colors, so they're one of the must-have plants when it comes to decorating your […]

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19 Types of Peonies to Make Your Garden Explode with Color

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The different types of peonies are a rare creation of nature (or hybridized in a nursery). They're beautiful, fragrant, and delicate, but will most probably outlive you if […]

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15 Types of Jasmine Flowers & Their Gorgeous Color Varieties

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Did you know that there are many different types of jasmine flowers? All of them come from the genus Jasminum, and there are 200 different species under it. […]

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21 Types of Aloe Vera Plants to Bring Variety to Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The wonder plants, the various types of aloe, has been grown by us for thousands of years. When we think of aloe, undoubtedly, the famous aloe vera comes […]

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39 Types of Peaches to Explore This Summer & Autumn

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Whether you like your peach in pies or smoothies or just as is, there are numerous types of peaches to choose from. In the U.S. alone, there are […]

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15 Types of Kale to Get Your Greens From Garden to Plate

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All of the various types of kale are usually plants with squiggly leaves that look like they have been crumpled like paper, though some have flat leaves as […]

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15 Types of Gnats We All Wish Would Buzz Off [Identification Guide]

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

Any types of gnats are a complete no-no in any house. It's just very simple. You don't want them. They make a regular appearance in horror movies - […]

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19 Types of Crickets: Easy Identification Guide with Pictures

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

All of the various types of crickets are fascinating creatures despite being common insects. They have earned a lot of bad reputation for keeping people up all night. […]

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24 Types of Gardens to Fit Any Space & All Green Thumbs

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There are various types of gardens suited for the amount of space you have available. From sprawling backyards to tiny terrace gardens, there's a suitable garden type for […]

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37 Types of Sunflowers to Brighten up Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All of the types of sunflowers are one of those plants that are generally easy to care for and hard to kill. They come in a lot of […]

23 Types of Bamboo to Spruce Up Your Yard & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you have a garden that needs a little more greenery, any of the types of bamboo will be a perfect fit. These plants grow quickly and serve […]

14 Types of Chrysanthemum to Spruce Up Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Next to roses, the various types of chrysanthemum flowers are the most popular in the world. With 40 wild species and thousands of varieties, they come in many […]

types of zucchini

12 Types of Zucchini That are Easy to Grow & Cook

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All types of zucchini are actually a sub-type of squash, and summer brings on a splendid bounty of squashes that can lend flavor and umami to any dish. […]

12 Types of Dragonflies: The Different Species To Know

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

The different types of dragonflies are some of the most attractive varieties of insects in existence. Even among the dragonfly species there's such a vast diversity of beauty. […]