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9 Polka Dot Plant Varieties for Pastel Garden Colors

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Scientifically called Hypoestes phyllostachya, the polka dot plant is mainly found in parts of Asia, Madagascar and South Africa, although most polka dot plant varieties can also be […]

7 Dusty Miller Varieties for Your Ornamental Garden

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If you’re looking for a great plant to add as foliage to your garden, look no further than the many dusty miller varieties. Though, the unusual name could […]

29 Types of Eucalyptus to Grow for Beautiful Garden

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The Eucalyptus genus contains more than 700 different types of eucalyptus within it. These are either present as shrubs or, more commonly, as trees. These trees are also […]

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24 Types of Oranges for Unique Citrus Flavors

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The many different types of oranges are all juicy fruits. You can eat them ripe and fresh, or you can use them to make and flavor some dishes, […]

13 Types of Daffodils for a Gorgeous Garden

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Often called a sight for sore eyes during dreary winters, daffodils are a beautiful flower. But the problem is, it’s hard to tell which types of daffodils based […]

29 Types of Petunias to Bring Beauty to Your Garden

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Petunia is a genus of flowering plants that mainly have their origins in South America, although the different types of petunias are cultivated across the world. Petunias are […]

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38 Types of Coleus to Beautify Your Garden & Home

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There are several varieties and species of plants included in the Coleus genus. Many of these plants are kept for ornamentation, bearing foliage of distinct and bright colors. […]

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38 Types of Aster to Beautify Your Flower Beds

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The genus Aster has several plant species producing some lovely flowers. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, there are numerous types of aster flowers that you should know about […]

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4 Types of Parsley to Grow & Enjoy Right at Home

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Parsley is a highly preferred spice or condiment used globally. No matter how you use them, all the different types of parsley plants will give your dish a […]

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14 Caladium Varieties to Bring Maturity Back Home

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Have you been planning to embellish your garden with a plant that is apparent to the eyes? Why not get some caladium varieties to revitalize the landscape? Caladium […]

13 Outdoor Faucet Types for Perfect Flow & Pressure

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The goal of any of the outdoor faucet types is that they should work well for your garden or yard while also providing good water flow, not only […]

20 Types of Eggplant to Wow Your Garden & Meals

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Eggplants are vegetables that you can cook in multiple ways and use for a variety of dishes, but did you know that there are many different types of […]

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10 Types of Protea Flowers & All 99 Protea Species

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Growing different types of protea of various sizes and colors is a great option if you want to give your garden a vibrant and traditional look. Being around […]

18 Types of Cilantro With Sophisticated Flavors

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Believe it or not, all the many types of cilantro are among the most used greens that work as a food source and also act as a herb […]

9 Types of Bed Bugs You Need to Get Rid of Pronto

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All the types of bed bugs collectively are a widespread species and member of the heteropteran family that can be found in almost every country and continent except […]

16 Types of Radishes to Add a Variety of Flavor to Any Meal

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According to research, around 400 million pounds of different types of radishes are consumed by the people of America in a year. It is because of their crunchiness […]

15 Types of Truffles to Try on Your Next Dish (If You Can Find Them)

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The different types of truffles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but only a few are edible. Most of these underground fungi are poisonous […]

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8 Types of Silverfish You'll Find in Moist Environments

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Have you ever encountered any types of silverfish in your life? I am guessing you have already seen these primitive creatures but might not have given them much […]

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13 Types of Azaleas for a Pretty & Low Maintenance Garden

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For most people in the United States, it's impossible to think of springtime without different types of azaleas flowering in gardens, parks, hedges, reflecting pools, or ponds. Azalea […]

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12 Types of Allium for a Colorful Spring & Summer Garden

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When it comes to significant spring blooms, allium flowering bulbs are one of the most preferable choices for most gardeners. Any of the types of allium are among […]

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15 Types of Ladybugs to Spot in Your Outdoor Adventures

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Whenever we think about ladybugs, the first picture that comes to our mind is an insect with red and black spots on the back. But different types of ladybugs can […]

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19 Types of Melons With Amazing, Juicy Flavors to Try

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All types of melons are regarded as a valuable food source around the world, and cultivation began around 4,000 years ago. The delicious, juicy fruits are available in […]

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11 Types of Landscaping Rocks to Improve Your Property

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The rocks that are used for beautifying lands are broadly categorized as types of landscaping rocks. Depending on the theme of the project, such as flora or fauna, […]

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15 Types of Rhododendron for an Evergreen Shrub Garden

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All types of rhododendron are evergreen shrubs that are smaller than trees in stature and bloom all year. They might be small ground coverings that grow to be […]

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15 Types of Beets to Reap the Benefits & Tweak the Tastes

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Every and all types of beets are herbaceous plants in the Amaranthaceae family and can emerge as one of the most dependable members of your vegetable garden. When […]

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17 Types of Lilacs for a Beautiful, Pastel Flower Bed

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All the types of lilacs are lovely flowers that are easy to cultivate, have a pleasant perfume, and provide excellent blossoms. These flowers are a wonderful way to […]

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15 Types of Wisteria for a Magically Enchanting Garden

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If you want to add some mesmerizing beauty in your garden, then any types of wisteria plant could be an excellent choice for you. Blooming wisteria can catch […]

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10 Types of Celosia Varieties for Incredible Garden Colors

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The many types of celosia are among the most versatile flowering plants out there. They have beautiful bright-colored plumes that you can see on top of the foliage […]

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27 Types of Poinsettias for a Vivid Garden Experience

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When it comes to attractive and vivid plants, you might have come across several different types of poinsettias. Shying away from the reddish glow of flower plants like […]

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20 Types of Hyacinth for an Enchanting Spring at Home

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Embellishing the garden with the most striking flowering plants is a goal for many, but have you ever wanted to cultivate a more sophisticated choice like any of […]

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12 Types of Myrtle to Bring Beauty & Aroma to Your Home

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People who are looking for exquisite looking flowering plants with ambrosial scents need look no further than the types of myrtle. This is a plant that got its […]

15 Types of Planters to Look Great & Enhance Your Plants

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Plants bring freshness to your home. So, choosing the right types of planters is essential to escalating the beauty and essence of your space. However, which planter styles […]

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18 Types of Verbena to Bring Vibrant Hues to Your Garden

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Verbena is an herbaceous plant that is widely cultivated all over the globe. You can find types of verbena practically anywhere, from Asia to Europe and America. Some […]

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15 Types of Worms to Find & Some to Avoid in the Wild

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Lawn Care, Pests

What do you think of when you hear "worm"? Most people think of earthworms generally. But the different types of worms are more than you can imagine. There […]

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17 Types of Artificial Grass to Perfect Your Turf

Updated: | Categories: Lawn Care

Artificial grass or artificial turf is synthetic grass. It's a great alternative to natural grass. On the lawn and playground, the use of any different types of artificial […]

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16 Indoor Cactus Types to Bring the Green Inside

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Interiors

Cactii are an easy way to introduce yourself to gardening and to beautify your home with beautiful succulent greenery around your house. Indoor cactus types are plentiful and […]

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6 Types of Chestnut Trees to Provide Endless Nuts

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Chestnut trees are mostly self-pollinated and are highly famous in the USA. These trees look beautiful and are practically found in every forest or orchard. All the different […]

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6 Types of Aspen Trees to Identify on Your Nature Walks

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All of the types of aspen trees are a beautiful and quite popular addition to the landscape in the Northern United States and some regions in Canada. They […]

12 Types of Lupine to Add Grace & Beauty to Your Garden

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If you want to add a touch of brilliance, grace, beauty, and color to your landscape, consider looking at some of the finest types of lupine flowering plants - a […]

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10 Types of Hemlock Trees That Exude Majesty & Strength

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Embellishing the yard with greenery can certainly make a house look beautiful. It's not just the structural foundation of your home but also the surroundings that count. Among […]

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19 Types of Fruit Trees You Can Enjoy Right at Home

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Fruit trees include any and all flowering trees which produce fruit. When we think of the many types of fruit trees, we tend to picture trees that grow […]

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17 Types of Lantana for Perennial Colors in Your Garden

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Cultivating various types of lantana flowers in the garden is a wonderful way to add colors to your landscaping endeavors. You are probably familiar with common flowers like […]

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13 Types of Redbud Trees to Add a Splash of Spring

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Any types of redbud trees are the best way to add spring colors to your backyard. The whimsical pink and red flowers will make any garden area look […]

14 Types of Ivy Plants to Bring Calm Indoors or Outside

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If you're looking for an easy-growing plant for both indoors and outdoors, any of the types of ivy are ideal plants to grow pretty much anywhere. This group […]

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16 Types of Broccoli That Put a Twist on a Familiar Flavor

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Did you know that all of the types of broccoli are members of the mustard family, just like kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts? This famous green plant got […]

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15 Types of Guava That Explode Delicious Flavors

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

When it comes to exotic fruits, guava is one of the most admired ones. This sweet, juicy, and flavorful fruit has different varieties, and some types of guava […]

8 Retaining Wall Alternatives That Can Look & Work Better

Updated: | Categories: Lawn & Garden

Having your property in a sloping area is stressful and dangerous. However, where there's a problem, there's a solution, including retaining wall alternatives. And when it comes to […]

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14 Types of Fig Trees to Grow for Their Sweet Fruit

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you want a fast and easy-growing fruit tree for your home garden, fig plants are simply the best option to grow on your containers. Although figs are […]

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15 Types of Oregano for Edible & Ornamental Enjoyment

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

From pizza to fried chicken, oregano goes with everything. And different types of oregano come with unique flavors and aromas to make your meals one of a kind. […]

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13 Types of Violets to Splash Color All in Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte loved all types of violets so much that he was called 'Corporal Violet'? Even Shakespeare fell for the elegant violet flower and […]