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Nothing is more exciting and fun than laying out and decorating your lawn and garden area. Will you have a flower bed? Maybe an artificial stream and pond would be nice. The ideas are endless, and we’ve gathered tons of them for you below as well as discussion topics about how to achieve your goals. Have fun and go wild.

12 Types of Koi Fish to Make Your Pond the Best Around

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Commonly called jinli or nishikigoi and belonging to the Cyprinus rubrofuscus species, the many types of koi fish or brocaded carp are colorful ornamental fish that are usually […]

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14 Types of Poppies to Enhance the Beauty of Your Garden

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Colorful and brilliant, any types of poppies will add a whole new level of beauty to any flowerbed. With silky, translucent petals that resemble stained glass when the […]

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11 Gate Latch Types to Perfect Your Fence & Security

Updated: | Categories: Fence & Gate

No matter how open the plan of your house or how much you like to entertain guests, it does not literally have to mean that your door is […]

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16 Types of Hammocks That Maximize Relaxation

Updated: | Categories: Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Patio

Let’s face it - no beach vacation, lakeside camping trip, or even just your backyard oasis is complete without comfortably swaying in one of the different types of […]

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12 Types of Shovels Essential to Your Yard Work Needs

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Often confused with spades, all the different types of shovels are actually a concave tool that usually has a curved tip and a board blade. They're great pieces […]

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11 Types of Sprinkler Heads for the Right Water Coverage

Updated: | Categories: Lawn Care, Security

Depending on what you want to achieve, there's the right types of sprinkler heads to use and the wrong sprinkler head types. We're here to remove the mystery […]

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15 Types of Fountains to Class Up Any Home, Garden, or Business

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pool

The different types of fountains out there offer you a wide variety of options to suit your unique needs and desires. Whether you're looking to add a fountain […]

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19 Types of Buckets Just the Right Size for Each Task

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Garage, Garden

Speaking of buckets, you would be quite surprised to know that there are several different types of buckets - not just the ones you have in your utility […]

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14 Types of Bouquets to Make Your Event Simply Magical

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Interiors

Anyone walking into a party with a bunch of flowers looks really classy and in the know. And if they get the right types of bouquets for the […]

types of onions

9 Types of Onions Matched to the Right Dishes For You

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

We all have a love-hate relationship with the various types of onions. They make us cry as if we’ve just seen the saddest thing ever happen. But we’ve […]

types of hedges

15 Types of Hedges That Form the Perfect Lawn Boundary

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If you own a garden, you must have considered creating any types of hedges at one point if you have not already. Hedges have a variety of uses […]

types of boxwood shrubs

14 Types of Boxwood Shrubs to Spruce Up Your Lawn & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All the types of boxwood shrubs have an eternal artistic appeal that perfectly represents nature, whether for room divider or door wreaths. They elevate the beauty of any […]

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24 Types of Hibiscus to Get That Tropical Feel at Home

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The different types of hibiscus flowers are one of the most abundantly found flowers across the earth. But you must know that China Rose isn’t the only type […]

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15 Main Types of Tulips to Reinvigorate Your Flower Bed

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Any of the types of tulips can enhance the beauty of a garden by their mere presence. The vibrant colors can make any garden go from mediocre to […]

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15 Types of Termites to Identify & Fight to Preserve Your Wood

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors, Garden, Pests

Termites need no introduction no matter which part of the world you live in. Now, it so happens that various types of termites can be quite different and […]

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8 Types of Geraniums to Pop Color in Your Flower Bed

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If you have some knowledge of plants, you must have come across various types of geraniums often. And if you are an avid gardener, then you definitely own […]

16 Types of Basil to Splash Some Color in Your Herb Garden

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When we're talking about culinary herbs, the first that often comes to mind is one of the types of basil. Although it originated from the Indian subcontinent, basil […]

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22 Types of Irises to Beautify Your Flower Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of irises has long been famous as a source of herbal medicines and perfume ingredients. Over 300 species of this plant are spread worldwide, and […]

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11 Main Types of Dahlias & the Colorful Varieties Within

Updated: | Categories: Garden

What’s a wedding without dahlias? These exotic flowers have been an automatic choice for weddings in almost every corner of the world. The vivid color and eclectic texture […]

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15 Types of Dogwood Trees To Bring Flowering Beauty to Your Lawn

Updated: | Categories: Lawn & Garden

Dogwood trees can enhance the beauty of your garden by great lengths. There are a total of 17 types of dogwood trees that are native to North America. […]

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20 Types of Lavender to Beautify Your Flower Bed & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

 Lavender is a sun-loving plant and is pretty popular for landscaping gardens, lawns, and yards. So, if you were thinking, "How many types of lavender are there," the […]

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16 Types of Carrots to Invigorate Your Garden & Dishes

Updated: | Categories: Garden

When we think of any types of carrots, the bright orange-colored ones come to mind because that's really all most of us know. But that's not the only […]

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15 Types of Begonias to Bring Beauty to Your Home

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of begonias are beautiful flowering plants that are blessed with various colors, so they're one of the must-have plants when it comes to decorating your […]

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19 Types of Peonies to Make Your Garden Explode with Color

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The different types of peonies are a rare creation of nature (or hybridized in a nursery). They're beautiful, fragrant, and delicate, but will most probably outlive you if […]

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15 Types of Jasmine Flowers & Their Gorgeous Color Varieties

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Did you know that there are many different types of jasmine flowers? All of them come from the genus Jasminum, and there are 200 different species under it. […]

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21 Types of Aloe Vera Plants to Bring Variety to Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The wonder plants, the various types of aloe, has been grown by us for thousands of years. When we think of aloe, undoubtedly, the famous aloe vera comes […]

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39 Types of Peaches to Explore This Summer & Autumn

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Whether you like your peach in pies or smoothies or just as is, there are numerous types of peaches to choose from. In the U.S. alone, there are […]

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15 Types of Kale to Get Your Greens From Garden to Plate

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All of the various types of kale are usually plants with squiggly leaves that look like they have been crumpled like paper, though some have flat leaves as […]

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15 Types of Gnats We All Wish Would Buzz Off [Identification Guide]

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

Any types of gnats are a complete no-no in any house. It's just very simple. You don't want them. They make a regular appearance in horror movies - […]

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19 Types of Crickets: Easy Identification Guide with Pictures

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

All of the various types of crickets are fascinating creatures despite being common insects. They have earned a lot of bad reputation for keeping people up all night. […]

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24 Types of Gardens to Fit Any Space & All Green Thumbs

Updated: | Categories: Garden

There are various types of gardens suited for the amount of space you have available. From sprawling backyards to tiny terrace gardens, there's a suitable garden type for […]

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37 Types of Sunflowers to Brighten up Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All of the types of sunflowers are one of those plants that are generally easy to care for and hard to kill. They come in a lot of […]

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14 Types of Barbed Wire To Secure Your Area Effectively

Updated: | Categories: Fence & Gate, Security

All types of barbed wire are the same: steel wire that has pointed edges attached to the wire at even intervals. But it's not that simple, only perhaps […]

types of wire fencing

14 Types of Wire Fencing Perfect for Your Yard or Field

Updated: | Categories: Fence & Gate

While types of wire fencing are often associated with ranches and suburban houses, you will find that there are a lot of fencing options that can help with […]

23 Types of Bamboo to Spruce Up Your Yard & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you have a garden that needs a little more greenery, any of the types of bamboo will be a perfect fit. These plants grow quickly and serve […]

19 Types of Lawn Mowers for Every Yard & Style

Updated: | Categories: Garage, Lawn Care

If you dream of having a lush, well-manicured lawn like that one neighbor, wishful thinking isn't going to help you achieve this — a one of the trusty […]

14 Types of Chrysanthemum to Spruce Up Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Next to roses, the various types of chrysanthemum flowers are the most popular in the world. With 40 wild species and thousands of varieties, they come in many […]

fire pit tools campfire

13 Fire Pit Tools to Safely Keep the Warmth Ablaze

Updated: | Categories: Lawn & Garden, Security

There's no doubt about it — your own fire pit tools and pit in the backyard is a source of inexpensive, unlimited, always-available entertainment and fun. Whether it’s […]

types of zucchini

12 Types of Zucchini That are Easy to Grow & Cook

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All types of zucchini are actually a sub-type of squash, and summer brings on a splendid bounty of squashes that can lend flavor and umami to any dish. […]

12 Types of Dragonflies: The Different Species To Know

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Pests

The different types of dragonflies are some of the most attractive varieties of insects in existence. Even among the dragonfly species there's such a vast diversity of beauty. […]

types of marigolds

18 Types of Marigolds to Brighten Up Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of marigolds are versatile Mediterranean flowers that have traveled the world and adapted themselves to a variety of growing conditions. This adaptability has made it […]

types of plums

11 Types of Plums: Every Taste & Color Pictured Here

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Of the various types of plums, most of us have probably only tasted a few at most and possibly are even unaware that there are different kinds. The […]

types of cedar trees

9 Types of Cedar Trees & Their Uses [Identification Guide]

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Lawn Care

Being able to identify the types of cedar trees when out in the wild not only makes you look smart, but you can then find the right saplings […]

types of moss

27 Types of Moss That Can Make Your Garden Magical

Updated: | Categories: Garden, Lawn Care

There are so many different types of moss species that you can use in your garden and lawn that you could spend forever trying to sort it out. […]

types of jade plants

16 Types of Jade Plants to Complete Your Collection

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of jade plants are among the most popular houseplants in the world. They're a type of succulent and formally called Crassula ovata that have huge […]

how to grow chives

How to Grow Chives & Get a Bountiful Harvest Like Never Before

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Learning how to grow chives is simple. The hard part is being patient before the harvest, making sure you water, feed, and care for your plants in the […]

wild blackberries

Wild Blackberries: How to Find & Pick This Tasty Fruit

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Come summer, one of Mother Nature’s most delicious bounties populate the wild in abundance— wild blackberries! These berries, along with raspberries, are the easiest to identify, growing in […]

living fence

8 Living Fence Examples & 8 Reasons for Natural Fencing

Updated: | Categories: Fence & Gate

A living fence brings forth thoughts of fantasy landscapes, eco-conscious livelihood, and is simply awesome to look at once they're in place and mature. From the time man […]

growing mushrooms in your basement

Growing Mushrooms in Your Basement is Easier Than You Think

Updated: | Categories: Basement, Garden

Growing mushrooms in your basement is so easy that some people find it happening by accident and become alarmed by it. But when you set out to do […]

chamomile lawn

Chamomile Lawn: How to Grow This Better Ground Cover

Updated: | Categories: Lawn Care

Growing a chamomile lawn ground cover has become a perfectly acceptable alternative to a grass yard. It can be maintained all the same, played in by kids and […]